3 things to consider when shoe shopping for men

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3 things to consider when shoe shopping for men

Bro I need shoes...

 3 things to consider when shopping for shoes with Moon Valjean @moonvalijeanhere


1. Choose your path

Select shoes that fit your lifestyle and decide on what will work best for you and what you need. Have you ever tried wearing someone else shoes? Yeah, maybe, but did you enjoy it, tho? "If someone walked a mile in your shoes, they would see that life took you down many paths, some wind, crazy, and uncharted. Some calm, serene, and familiar, but no matter which direction life takes you should always have something that defines who you are.

2. Work-Life Balance

Select shoes that can easily work in different scenarios. My list is pretty simple in no particular order: bar, wedding, date, work, and the game pretty much sum up my lifestyle. Am I leaving anything important out? Maybe, but who needs to plans for those things when there is free shipping.

"From the stage to the office to home. These are shoes that every guy can wear and feel confident in how he looks."

3. Made for Men

I need shoes that look expensive, feel good, and look like I tried. Done. I selected ALLOW ME by Testosterone® Shoes. You can save $40 off now with code MOONSLANDING at checkout.

You're welcome.






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